The thing about Pakistani dramas is that they are so realistic


And the actresses are so pretty and the actors are so cute and the stories are so cute that they make you cry and make you wish that you life was like a Pakistani drama because you just want to get that happy ending :) its like wishing for a fairytale

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Kajol > Prasaad Naik photo shoot
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I would understand the cannibalism in countries where there is an on-going drought or famine or even war but why would you eat someone’s face when there is probably a McDonalds around the corner?

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Very honestly, people need to just shut the fuck up about Veena Malik. Ok, so the woman doesn’t like covering herself from head to toe… GET OVER IT. I don’t understand why people are always targeting her like she’s Satan or some shit, like she’s the only thing bad in Pakistan. People do worse things, people are doing worse things. Who, you might wonder? Oh I don’t know maybe half the population of the country. First, stop the corruption, everyday killings of innocent human beings, electricity shortage that has left practically 3/4 of the country struggling to manage their lives, high prices which have caused money to seem almost worthless, change an imperfect country to perfect and then you can call a “celebrity” a disgrace to the nation.

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do y’all remember how big humsafar was omg

we all fangirled together

omg i wanna cry

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